Integrating SEO Into Your Marketing Mix – Top Tips For Integrating SEO Into Your Marketing Mix

As a business owner, SEO should be one weapon in your arsenal – not your entire marketing strategy. That means you must look for smart ways to integrate social media into your current marketing efforts. Just like any other sales promotion technique, it has its own advantages and shortcomings – and you cannot rely on it solely for everything. So you need to play to its strengths. Here’s how to integrate SEO into your marketing mix.

1. Social media marketing

Social signals definitely impact search engine rankings. As you embark on your SEO campaign building journey, be sure to leverage the social media sites – particularly Google Plus as it impacts rankings more than the other platforms. While at it, try putting more effort into developing a community through which you can engage your target audience by encouraging feedback and discussion amongst your community members.

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2. Relationship marketing

When building your SEO campaign, you should aim to create deeper relationships with your target audience or potential customers who are of course humans. All aspects of your SEO campaign, from your website to the web content itself – should be designed in such a way that they help your brand to effectively communicate with people; and are not built just for search engines. You should also make sure that you have a robust presence in social networks and media where you can reach and engage your visitors, followers, commenters, target audience, etc. with the aim of turning them into loyal customers. This will see your target audience develop trust and have confidence in your brand, thereby allowing you to achieve long lasting traffic and conversions.

3. Conversation marketing

In addition to developing deeper relationships with your target audience, every post you make on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or other social media platform is an opportunity to convert leads into customers. So make sure you create and post interesting posts, attractive discount offers and new products or service offerings with links to your site in order to pull your audience in and get them even more interested in what you have on offer. While you won’t convert every lead, you can count on a significantly higher conversion rate when you consistently include interesting information and attractive offers in your interactions with your followers.

4. Content marketing

Using SEO could see your website get to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), but it might not lead to a significant increase in your conversion rates and sales. To boost your conversion rates and sales, you need to come up with unique and highly useful content that search users would want to read and keep coming back for more. Quality, useful content will attract hundreds of visitors, social media followers, commenters and target audience members that you could easily turn into loyal customers. Don’t forget to carry out link building or linkbaiting, including doing outreach to your target linkers and influencers to boost your chances of earning relevant and quality inbound links.

5. Analytics

Data and intelligence are vital to figuring out where and how you need to focus your digital marketing efforts. However, this should not be based solely on keyword research data used in typical SEO campaigns. Instead, it should be an ongoing process involving close monitoring of the analytics of your business website and your social media presences. By analyzing this statistical data, you can get the raw information you need to determine which sales promotion techniques are working and which are not, as well as how to tweak your overall marketing strategy to better reach your target audience.

6. Public relations

Make sure that your SEO campaign is in synch with your social responsibility. Effective SEO might get your website to the top of the SERPs, but this may not be enough when it comes to guaranteeing the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. You must monitor and deal with any negative mentions of your brand online and use PR tactics, such as giving freebies or supporting a cause, in order to make people accept your company in a positive way.

7. Word-of-mouth marketing

WOM marketing can be a vital ingredient to success in SEO and digital marketing. When people voluntarily and happily spread the great things about your company, you will have more people visiting your site and this will boost your search engine rakings as well as your conversions and sales. So make sure you give your customers a good experience and consider creating an attractive offer that will wow your customers and prompt them to spread the good news about your company. This is actually a definite way to maximize your SEO and digital marketing efforts.

8. Mobile marketing

Today, many people are using their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to shop online, check email, keep up with social media, and browse websites while on the go. In fact, according to a recent survey, mobile devices account for up to 35% of all internet traffic in the US. That means you cannot afford to ignore mobile marketing as over a third of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices. To integrate mobile SEO into your marketing mix, consider making your website responsive or mobile friendly and also take advantage of mobile apps to market your products or services.

9. Paid search marketing

Paid ads or PPC advertising can be a great way to maximize your search marketing results. So allocate money for PPC advertising and make sure that the PPC guys and SEO team work together. The process of PPC advertising can provide tons of data about things like which kinds of headlines work, which keywords people type in as well as which keyword phrases convert. You can use this information to enhance your on-site optimization and achieve higher Click Through Rates (CTR) in the SERPs and great keyword optimization.

10. Visual marketing

Rich and highly useful images like infographics can help attract more engagement inside and outside of your website. Viral infographics will enable you to attract quality backlinks, and you can use them to promote your company in image-based social networks. So make sure you include such images in your SEO campaign to boost your digital marketing efforts.

11. Niche marketing

Niche marketing is one of the best ways to achieve success online. After all, your market can’t be everyone! Make sure that your SEO campaign focuses on attracting your niche market. Consider the interests, activity, beliefs and habits of that target group and figure out the SEO and/or other sales promotion strategies that would work best for optimal results.

12. Branding

Try using SEO tactics that will enhance your brand. Creating a few quality, helpful blog posts or articles relating to your field will establish you as an expert and a thought leader in your industry. This will give customers the assurance that they are making the right choice when they choose your company’s products or services over another brand. This is particularly important in today’s marketplace where people don’t like buying products or services from faceless corporations, but want to have a close relationship with the brands they choose to associate with.

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